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Collaborative Industry Innovator is the cornerstone role for organizing, managing and collaborating on content in a secure manner. It brings continuity to business processes and enhances the ability to make informed decisions by leveraging real-time data.

Collaborative Industry Innovator includes the ability to store, share and manage content including technical documentation; search and find relevant data and information for reuse; navigate through a product structure in a web-browser; easily view and compare 3D content; manage issues; and readily organize, fine-tune, share and access work using tasks and change actions.

Collaborative Business Innovator is a pre-requisite for Collaborative Industry Innovator.

With Industry Innovator, you will be able to access all the role apps shown below. A collection of integrated cloud-based product data and lifecycle management applications that are enabling secure and efficient team collaboration.


Access 3DEXPERIENCE Collaborative Industry Innovation Seamlessly inside SOLIDWORKS task pane.

Enables product data and lifecycle management and real-time collaboration.

Collaboration is provided by Apps to organize, manage and share content and data.

5 key benefits with Collaborative Industry Innovator:

With 3DEXPERIENCE Industry Innovator, you can work with a globally dispersed team with concurrently design in real-time.

  • Unique Industry Focus – Comply with standard and benefits from end-to-end processes rather than disjoint applications
  • Digital Continuity – Be confident that the solution will grow with your needs
  • People-Centric Software – Unleash the power of your extended value network
  • Unified Product Definition – The single multi-discipline definition enables full digitalization across the enterprise
  • Mobile First – Empower the workforce of the future with access to everything at any time on any device

3DEXPERIENCE Platform Is The Next Technology Shift Of Future. There are more hundreds of apps available under 3DEXPERIENCE which can suit in every business innovation needs.

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