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DELMIA | Works (formerly known as IQMS) delivers an innovative manufacturing industry ERP software solution that helps manufacturing enterprises stay lean, agile and competitive. We recognise that manufacturing processes across different industries have unique requirements. That is why we specialise in providing manufacturing software and ERP software that solves your business challenges and meets your unique and varied industry-specific requirements.

DELMIA | Works is a Manufacturing ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). Born on the shop floor, DELMIA | Works is tailored specifically for a factory environment. Structured around end-to-end visibility and control, DELMIA | Works uniquely combines manufacturing software, MES software, and ERP software to improve every aspect of your business. Available in both cloud and premise-based solutions.

Complete Supply Chain Coverage

What is an ERP System

Eliminate Manual Processes & Redundancy

What is an MES System

Enable an agile and responsive manufacturing operation

Order Processing and Fulfillment

Set accurate expectations on customer delivery dates

Reducing Inventory Costs

The single most important factor in improving shop floor efficiency

Maximizing Plant Floor Throughput

Preduced costs

DELMIA | Works accomplishes this by providing a system for sales, planning, procurement, production, shipping, inventory management, CRM, business intelligence, financing, and more, all in one seamlessly integrated platform. 

Delmia | works Module Overview

Why DELMIA | Works

Single Platform Lowers Cost

DELMIA | Works operates on a single database with a single, intuitive interface for all users. It’s easier for the users and eliminates data synchronization issues. DELMIA | Works lowers the costs and impact of change management across the board.

Real-Time Monitoring

The real-time process monitoring of the MES built into the ERP allows the entire company to be connected to the sop floor. Business intelligence dashboards give you a view of what is happening on each machine on your floor, all updated in real-time; and also provides an artifact trail for traceability.

Functionality When You Need It

All the DELMIA | Works modules and options are designed on the same database, operating as a powerful and cohesive solution. This enables a truly steamlined approach to helping manufacturing enterprises stay lean. 

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IME TV: DELMIAWORKS for Sales & Customer Service
IME TV: DELMIAWORKS for Production Planning
IME TV: DELMIAWORKS in Production Execution

Manufacturing Specific Industry Solutions


Adhere to strict standard and reporting requirements while embracing lean supply chain practices.


Reduce risk and improve regulatory compliance and traceability with advanced quality management.

Aerospace & Defense

Manage cost challenges and consistently meet product safety requirements with a single ERP and MES solution.


Track your unique assembly, sub-assembly and kitting processes every step of the way to keep costs low and profits high.

Food & Beverage

Meet quality and safety regulations with lot traceability built into your manufacturing execution system.

General, Multi-Process & Contract

Manage cost challenges and consistently meet product safety requirements with a single ERP and MES solution.


Improve operational excellence with detailed lot traceability and automatic label printing as parts are being produced and boxes filled.

Process Specific

Meet quality and safety regulations with lot traceability built into your manufacturing execution system.


Keep your machines running smoothly, and your scrap and rejects low with tools and equiment maintenance built into the production schedule.

Automating the Design TO Manufacturing Lifecycle

Deliver higher-quality goods faster at a lower cost

Today’s most successful manufacturers are replying on an automated and integrated design to manufacturing roadmap to close the gaps between designers, engineers, quality management and production teams.

A centralised, lifecycle product model that brings together design, engineering and manufacturing interactively, on real-time collaborative platform, helps to:

  • Eliminate disconnects between what engineering designed and what manufacturing can produce
  • Improve customer order accuracy, fulfillment speed and product quality
  • Propagate product and design changes across all functional areas to accelerate new products to market
  • Extend the life of best-selling products

Now is the time for manufacturing to adopt an automated lifecycle-based approach to creating and producing new products. Download the ebook, Automating the Design to Manufacturing Lifecycle, to learn why.


Learn how three manufacturers are using DELMIA | Works (formerly knows ad IQMS) ERP and SOLIDWORKS to:

  • Integrate the engineering process with the production process
  • Increase speed and reponsiveness to customer demands
  • Reduce costs throughout the company
  • Support future growth

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