Powerful Design Automation for SOLIDWORKS

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DriveWorks software is used by companies to build their own design automation and online 3D sales configurator solution.

Enable engineers, sales teams, distributors and customers to design, engineer and configure to order, on any device.

DriveWorks automates the creation of order-specific sales documents and SOLIDWORKS manufacturing data.

Reduce repetitive tasks, eliminate errors, increase sales and deliver custom products in record time.

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Using DriveWorks we’ve reduced the amount of time taken to complete forms from half a day to only 30 minutes

Engineering Manager, Shotton Group

Features & Benefits

DriveWorks configurator software is the ultimate choice in SOLIDWORKS® design automation and 3D CPQ for manufacturing.


Boost Quality

Based on rules, calculations and logic, improving the quality of outputs, reducing costly errors and strengthening your reputation.


Any Device, Anywhere

Configure, price and quote on any device, anywhere. Communicate design details with interactive 3D visualization.


Respond Faster, Sell More

Respond quicker, automatically generate, accurate quotes and sales responses and win more orders.


Faster Implementation

Easy to set up with no programming skills or consultants required.

SOLIDWORKS® design automation and product configurator software

Quickly generate new versions of your SOLIDWORKS parts, assemblies, and drawings with the free tool you already have inside SOLIDWORKS.

Free SOLIDWORKS® automation without complex macros, design tables or configurations


Capture and control the parameters you manually change in your SOLIDWORKS® models and assemblies in DriveWorksXpress.

  • Control dimensions, features, custom properties and switch configurations
  • Update drawings by associating them with driven models
  • Add and update captured parameters easily


Input Forms

Create input forms to enter product requirements. Add validation to controls to ensure inputs are always suitable.

  • Show requirements and add validation to inputs
  • Add text boxes, numeric text boxes, drop-down lists, spin buttons and check boxes
  • Set default values and order of controls on input form


Rules Builder

Build rules to link input controls with captured parameters using the intelligent DriveWorks Rules Builder.

  • Define your design knowledge using mathematical formulas and logical statements
  • Use standard Excel functions
  • Use intelligent file naming to build a library of components

Quickly and easily create and configure custom products with DriveWorks Solo, part, assembly, and drawing automation inside SOLIDWORKS.

Powerful SOLIDWORKS® automation for parts, assemblies and drawings

Powerful SOLIDWORKS Automation

Automate your SOLIDWORKS parts, assemblies and detailed drawings.

  • Control dimensions, features, custom properties, advanced feature parameters, instances and file formats
  • Dynamically replace components
  • Create a library of components using intelligent file reuse


Advanced Drawing Control

Save time and boost product quality by automatically creating accurate manufacturing drawings with DriveWorks Solo.

  • Control sheets, views, annotation text, annotation positions, layers, break lines and custom properties
  • Generation reports provide a complete audit trail of drawing values
  • Save drawings out in additional file formats, such as PDF, JPEG, DWF and DWG


Preview Results

Preview results as you enter design requirements before you generate final models, drawings and documents.

  • Preview the effect of your selections as you configure
  • Quickly try ‘what if’ scenarios to test design requirements
  • Make informed decisions to and ensure product suitability


File Formats & Save Location

You have full control over the save location and folder structure of files created by DriveWorks Solo. Automatically create any additional file format available in SOLIDWORKS®.

  • You have complete control over file naming, use intelligent file naming to create a library of parts
  • Save files exactly where you want them
  • Create any additional file format available in SOLIDWORKS


Custom Input Forms

DriveWorks Solo has an inbuilt form designer to help you configure valid permutations.

  • Rules-based form-to-form navigation controls which forms are shown based on selections
  • Use images to aid the configuration process and provide selection feedback
  • Control visibility and validation of input controls based on rules



Static Tabular Data

Add your existing static tabular data into DriveWorks Solo, use it on your forms and within your rules.

  • DriveWorks Solo includes 60 table functions to manipulate data
  • Centralize and maintain your existing engineering data in DriveWorks
  • Minimise errors and ensure data is always up to date


Customisable Documents

Quickly respond to sales enquiries with accurate documents using the DriveWorks Solo quote, covering letter and BOM templates.

  • Reduce time preparing documents for customer enquiries
  • Build rules to control what is included in your documents
  • Reports provide auditing of document content

    DriveWorks is suitable for any industry designing same but different products, save time, reduce errors, and win more orders with DriveWorks Pro.

    SOLIDWORKS® automation and 3D product configurator software


    Complete SOLIDWORKS Automation

    Capture and reuse design, manufacturing and cost estimation knowledge to deliver custom products faster and with greater accuracy, without using complex macros, design tables or configurations.


    Online Visual Sales Configurator

    Enable sales teams, distributors and customers to configure custom products on any device, anywhere. Connect sales and manufacturing to reduce costs, errors and lead time.

    • Optimized for all browsers and devices
    • Simple to add to your website
    • Control users and security


    Interactive 3D

    Configure products in 3D on any device with DriveWorks 3D Preview.

    • Communicate complex designs easily using interactive 3D
    • Import existing 3D models and geometry. DriveWorks supports files in .stl, .obj, .gtlf, .gtlb, .iam, .ipt, .par, .psm and .asm formats.
    • View products in immersive Virtual Reality (VR)


    Integrate with other Company Systems

    It’s easy to pass data between DriveWorks and other company systems including ERP, MRP and CRM. Reduce manual data entry to cut down costly errors. Learn more about how DriveWorks can integrate with your company systems.

    • Query data from your CRM directly
    • Pass data to other company systems
    • Dedicated SOLIDWORKS PDM integration


    Intelligent Workflow

    DriveWorks gives you full control over who, what and when. The intelligent workflow technology allows you to manage team permissions, approval processes and customer journeys.

    • Boost quality by adding approval steps and sign off permissions for teams
    • Create documents and SOLIDWORKS files at the right time
    • Manage order progress and automatically send status updates


    Automatically Generate Documents

    DriveWorks can create many document types, including Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, or HTML files. Automatically create custom-branded quotations, covering letters, delivery notes, BOMs and more. DriveWorks can also save your SOLIDWORKS parts, assemblies and drawings in a variety of other formats, such as eDrawings, DXFs, PDF and so on.

    • Create Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, HTML, XML and text files
    • Automatically send emails with generated documents and approval drawings attached
    • Create BOMs, cut lists and supporting documents for manufacturing


    Dynamic Data

    Use external data in your DriveWorks projects to create great user experiences.

    • Query SQL databases such as Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle and MySQL
    • Import data from Excel, XML and text files
    • Request live data, such as shipping rates and material costs, using HTTP request


    Scalable & Cloud Ready

    Easily scale your DriveWorks implementation using our modern web API and support for Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud.

    • Support for Azure, AWS and Google Cloud
    • Modern web API providing data and UI integration on any device
    • Flexible DriveWorks Live licensing to cover peaks in usage

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