COPRA® RF Interface for SOLIDWORKS  

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COPRA RF allows the designer to design simple as well as highly complex open or closed profiles, tubes, trapezoidal sections or drawing rings in a professional way.

COPRA RF WireRolling & COPRA FEA RF WireRolling software supports the entire process chain of massive wire rolling – from the development of the individual wire forming stages to simulation of the metal forming process.

COPRA FEA RF is used to simulate the roll forming operation by non-linear elastoplastic calculation. The COPRA RF design data can be automatically converted to a 3D SOLIDWORKS model via an interface.

A “real” 3D model is transferred, which means no intelligence will be lost on the way. Changes in the COPRA RF project will be automatically updated in the SOLIDWORKS project.

Key Benefits


Whole Process Chain of Roll Forming


Modular Software Structure


Easy to Learn


Available in 10 languages




COPRA® RF Software

COPRA® RF Sections
is tailor-made for the design and development of open as well as closed profile cross sections, and equally suited for simple as well as complex profiles.

It provides several convenient possibilities for the design of the final profile. Together with the optional analysis modules and COPRA® RF Roll Design, roll formers have everything they need for consistent processing of high quality roll formed sections.

COPRA® RF Tubes is the leading software solution for the design of roll tools in tube mills. The program comprises design and flower calculation for the production of standard as well as complex round- and rectangular tubes and also shaped tubes.

Designer simply needs to adjust the predefined setup to the actual conditions of the tube mill.

COPRA® FEA RF Software

COPRA® FEA RF Tubes is world leading software solution for tthe simulation of Roll Forming processes. The program calculates the entire process including pre and post operations and screens for possible design errors.

Through the intelligent interconnectedness of our COPRA® products, simulation results will be available for design review immediately. Due to our intelligent menus there is no need for a dedicated FEA specialist.

COPRA® RF WireRolling

The integrated solution for the wire rolling of profiles includes both the design software COPRA® RF WireRolling as well as the simulation tool COPRA® FEA RF, for the analysis and verification of your wire projects.

The advantages of an integrated solution, consisting of both design as well as simulation tools, particularly arise in the production of complex profile wires
with ever smaller cross sections. It allows virtual optimisation of the forming process and roll tooling during the design stage.

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