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Enable easy design communication and
collaboration across a multiple CAD environment


eDrawings Viewer allows SOLIDWORKS users to collaborate effectively with other CAD users. It is the easiest way to share data across multiple CAD environments, allowing anyone with a PC to view, interpret, and understand 2D and 3D drawings.

eDrawings mobile apps now support Android and iOS. Download it now and impress your friends with CAD!


eDrawings is the premier 2D, 3D and AR/VR design communication tool for stakeholders in the design to manufacture process as well as external prospects and customers.

Delivering a rich collaborative tool set, eDrawings enables everyone to speed up their design processes, communicating with clarity and precision to get to market faster. CAD and non CAD users can share 3D models, interrogate them, create mark ups and then share these markups to accelerate the whole design process.

The Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) capabilities of eDrawings extends its use into virtual product evaluations by design teams and customers. AR/VR capabilities are available in windows desktop professional and mobile versions of eDrawings.

Benefits of Using eDrawings:


Collaborate with a lightweight 3D format without the need for CAD while protecting your IP


Interrogate and investigate product design data in 3D for precision and clarity


Enable bi-directional design communication and reviews both internally and externally


View your designs in AR and VR to better understand the impact of the real world on your design


Available for Windows, Mac and mobile devices

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