Quick and easy to create professional, photo-quality images, animations, and other interactive 3D content to get your products to market faster.

Why Choose SOLIDWORKS Visualize?

SOLIDWORKS® Visualize allows you to leverage your 3D CAD data to create photo-quality content in the fastest and easiest way you can- from images to animations, interactive web content, and immersive Virtual Reality (VR). SOLIDWORKS Visualize will bring your products to life! It is the “camera” for your CAD data!

Benefits of Using  SOLIDWORKS Visualize


Improve internal design, engineering and sales reviews


Reduce the cost and number of physical prototypes


Save time and cost


Increase productivity


Maximise design time, achieve a better final product and get products to market faster—beating your competition.



Fully utilise your 3D CAD data to create stunning technical documentations and animations, for technical or marketing purposes.


SOLIDWORKS Electrical solutions simplify electrical product design with specific tools for engineers and intuitive interfaces for faster embedded electrical system design.


SOLIDWORKS Data Management offers a range of applications with capabilities for quick and efficient file management and documentation to maximise productivity and improve product quality.