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The Business Innovation role delivers the underpinning apps and services that unites all users in the innovation value chain – to establish social communities with consumers and customers to share, experiment and innovate effectively. Businesses can power their innovation processes with transformative technologies, irrespective of the legacy tools and systems. It is the foundation role that digitally connect all users in an organization – to break silo walls and foster innovation and collaboration.

With Business Innovator, you will be able to access all apps shown. Among all the apps, the most highlighted apps for this role are:

  • 3DDashboard
  • 3DDrive
  • 3DSwym
  • 3DPlay


Create tailored dashboards to keep the most relevant information in one location and easily and securely share essential product data or key performance indicators with other stakeholders.


Upload files to the platform and share them securely with other members. Using 3DDrive connector for SOLIDWORKS, you can open file directly from SOLIDWORKS task pane.


Easily create social media style public or private communities to share and collaborate on ideas, topics of interest and projects. Engage with your colleagues in real-time using conversations, audio and video calls.


3DPlay is online viewer gives the ability to preview file anywhere and on any devices with no plugin or software to install. Take measurement, zoom, rotate, explode model, add markup and comment directly to the model.

With 3DEXPERIENCE Business Innovator, you can seamlessly collaborate and innovate with all teams in an organization on single platform.

  • No more disconnected point where having to send files back and forth multiple times as part of the communication process.
  • Everyone have access to CAD since more people could benefit from being able to preview 3D models outside of the CAD/Engineering team.
  • Increase productivity by minimizing traditional way of communication via emails or messages rather than task which might cost missing important deadline.
  • Securely sharing real-time information with everyone in your team at anytime, anywhere and on any devices.

3DEXPERIENCE Platform Is The Next Technology Shift Of Future. There are more hundreds of apps available under 3DEXPERIENCE which can suit in every business innovation needs.

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