xDesign is one of the 3D design tools that can be found under the 3D Creator role in 3DEXPERIENCE. Cloud 3D design tools can be directly used on the web browser regardless of which browser you are using, such as Chrome, Edge, or Firefox browser.

Cloud design solutions are convenient as you will not even need to have powerful hardware to do your design anytime, anywhere, if you have internet access.

The era of technology revolution is changing way too fast – Yesterday we were still using lithium battery, now China has come out with a new EV battery known as sodium battery.

If we do not well-equip ourselves with the correct tools, it makes us hard to compete with other competitors in the manufacturing and Hi-Tech industry.

Similarities with SOLIDWORKS


When you first use xDesign, the familiar UI design in the design cloud apps gives you the resemblance feeling of using SOLIDWORKS but on cloud. You can there’s the basic 3-axis – X, Y, Z, plane that we use to start a new sketch for our 3D model profile.

Basic UI in xDesign look similar with the legacy SOLIDWORKS UI

The similar extrude boss, cut, and hole wizard standard function and application method are the same, making it easy for existing users or even new user to pick up this cloud design web app.

Basic featured, extrude feature and hole wizard can be found in this section

Mixture of multiple features in the part allows user to design complicated part file, just like the usual stuff users do in SOLIDWORKS.

However, it only includes basic modelling features. For additional modules like sheet metal or structures, you might have to purchase additional add-on to include it in your xDesign.

Instead of using the swPart file format, you can use 3Dxml format instead to reduce the file size and smooth design flow in the web app. There’s not much difference with SOLIDWORKS because the software still uses the 3Dxml file format.

The general file format that supported in 3DEXPERIENCE

Assembly Feature in xDesign

When we talk about the strength of SOLIDWORKS software, the Part, Assembly and Drawing is the main features in the software.

Same goes for xDesign, the web app itself, consists of assembly mode which allows users to easily switch the 3D model design function to 3D assembly flawlessly without closing the web app.

The basic assembly function comes with mate, allowing designers to mate the component into a system or into movement mechanism group.

Assembly mode found in xDesign

Similar basic assembly feature can be found

Face Modification

Dragging and pulling of the surface of the 3D model allows users to extend or reduce the length of the 3D model directly.

This feature is known as move face in SOLIDWORKS, it is also the same name that can be found in the 3DEXPERIENCE.

By clicking the highlighted surface, users can be see the selected profile to pull the faces out form the existing 3D model geometry.

More Modules are Coming.

As far as we know, sheet metal, weldment and mould design module has rolled out in the 3DEXPERIENCE platform.

Sooner or later, we expect to see additional features such as piping and routing design. And that will be the time when we can all agree that it is indeed SOLIDWORKS on Cloud.

If you are interested to learn more about our cloud solutions and would like to attend a workshop, please do not hesitate to contact us at marketing@cadcam.com.my and let us know how we can help.

Until next time!