SolidWorks Enterprise Product Data Management (SW EPDM)- a Product Data Management solution that can be used to help you MANAGE, FIND, SHARE & REUSE valueble data, both within Engineering Department and throughout the Organization.
However, PDM is a term that easy to speak out but still not much people aware the importance of it. This article is about introduction of SW EPDM and what benefits that a company can gain after SW EPDM implementation:
o   Restrict someone from accessing highly confidential document
Ø  Permission Control
Ø  Security of files (Intellectual Property of Company)
o   Miscommunication within organization
Ø  Right data to the Right Person at Right Time
o   Time wasting on searching files
Ø  Enhance for design re-use
o   What is the History and revision of file tracking
Ø  Reduce wrong file used to minimize faulty works
o   Files life cycle control that comply with your ISO
Ø  Flexible workflow control

·         SOLUTIONS & BENEFITS by SolidWorks EPDM
o   Easy to Start, Easy to Use
Ø  Quick Implementation Plan (10-15 days)
Ø  Unique Window Explorer interface
o   Secure Access
Ø  Right Data to Right Person at Right Time
Ø  Second Layer of Security (Admin, Folder & Workflow Permission Setting)
o   Design Re-use
Ø  Customize Variable can be created such as: Revision, Cost, Material, Approved by, Approve Date and more…
Ø  Customize Data card enhanced searching result

Ken ( is the Application Engineer (AE), specialist in SolidWorks and SolidWorks enterprise PDM for IME group of companies. He may not have a good fighting skill but he is good in providing solution to manage your company data.

o   Flexible Workflow and Automated Revision Control
Ø  Enforces company processes
Ø  Maintain regulatory compliances such as ISO
Reduce chances of using wrong files (Latest Revision)

o   Tracking File/ Admin Vault History
Ø  Tools for investigation