While most designers understand how powerful the capabilities of 3D CAD software can be, many of these same users may have felt they were forced to spend a significant amount of time mastering the system to recognize the inherent benefits. SWIFT is just one of the things that lets any SolidWorks® user realize the benefits of 3D CAD without having to learn complicated techniques. In other words, SWIFT lets you focus less on the CAD tool and more on your design. SWIFT Technology is about letting any SolidWorks user realize the benefits of 3D CAD without becoming an expert


The FeatureXpert eliminates the need for a user to worry about the order of creation for filets in a model.


The SketchXpert presents the users with solutions to handle any conflicts in sketch dimension and relationships.


The MateXpert deals with conflicts in assembly mates. Users can isolate problems, understand what mates are in conflicts and step their way to their desired mating positions.

DimXpert extends traditional auto-dimensioning tools by identifying manufacturing features and adding correct dimensioning schemes. This tool applies dimension and tolerance to part according to the requirement of ASME Y14.41-2003.