Still remember how to model a handle by just referring to an existing 2D drawing? Refer my previous post, projected curve, if you don’t get what I mean. Model a handle is piece of cake for you. After the handle bar, of course we need to design the grip, grip shift, brake lever etc. Since left and right is the same, all we need to do is mirror the components.

Honestly, I believe most of you facing a comment issue when mirror a part. It may end up in an orientation which not as what we are expecting, something like this,
Aiya!~ How ar? What can I do ar? The answer is SolidWorks 2010. In SolidWorks 2010, a great enhancement available for mirror feature. It allow us to select the mirror part and reorient it to the right position which make you happy. Like this,
With the mate ‘mirror’ along, interactive motion is more accurate and faster result. As usual, after the jump is a video that I would like to share with you all.

Happy weekend!~