Hey guys & gals! Heard about assembly visualization before? If you haven’t explore in SW2010, perhaps you don’t know about this! This is a brand new feature introduced in SolidWorks 2010!
Basically, Assembly visualization provides multiple ways to display and sort components within an assembly in a list and in the graphic area. With this function, user can sort the list by one property at a time.

Assembly Visualization
How Assembly Visualization Can Help You?
1) Basic information calculated from SolidWorks such as mass, volume, surface area are available in the tool.
2) User can define other properties such as vendor, revision or status of a component in the part file itself and then access those data from Assembly Visualization.
3) If you sort by SW-Material, you can edit component materials directly from the list!
4) Color indication-In the graphic area, colors are applied to the model to help the user visualize and compare the relative value of the sorting property for each component.
5) You can save the list information in a separate file such as a Microsoft Excel® spreadsheet or a text file.