Configuration publisher is a customized user interface where user can define the variable of a model so that later it can be configured to obtain different version/combination of parts.

In the Configuration Publisher dialog box, you can create an interface for specifying configurations of parts and assemblies not only in SolidWorks but also in 3D Content Central. You can upload the models to 3D Content Central directly from the dialog box. On 3D Content Central, your end users use the interface to build the configuration they want. When they download your model, it contains only the configuration they specify.

How to create the publisher?

1. Decide the variable in design table.

2. Open the configuration publisher, drag the list box into the template.

3. Link the created parameter with the variable in design table, put it the allowable value for the variable as well.

4. You can preview and test the publisher. Save it.

5.In SolidWorks, the interface appears as a property manager where you can select a component configuration when you add the component to an assembly. You can start with a model with one or more configurations.