Woohoo!~ finally it’s here.

3D Isometic drawing is very common in piping industry. In SolidWorks 2010, it has a new enhancement where just one click away to generate a 3D isometric drawing for piping layout with the Bill of materials (BOM). A simple window appear asking us to select the right drawing template and BOM template when generating the 3D Isometric drawing. Of course, you still can save your BOM into excel, which i like the most.
There are still room to improve and enhance in term of generating output for piping industry and meeting their requirement. at least it’s a good start. the most important- easy to use!~
Hmm, i was thinking, is it possible to hide all the 3d model and only show the 3D sketch line?
For better understanding, below video show the simple steps to generate 3D iso in SolidWorks drawing.

(edited: replaced with new video, without my voice as background music)