Hi guys/girls, we are back! Sorry for my MIA.

One down, two to go!

Yes, I’m talking about IME SolidWorks Innovation Day 2009 in Johor.

We organize it every year in Johor-southern region, Klang Valley (mostly Shah Alam) & Penang-northern region. This is the best time  for our to meet up with our beloved SolidWorks community in Malaysia and taking this opportunity for us to present to you the latest features & enhancements in SolidWorks products ranges.

To make this event a successful 1 and worth to attend, our team really put a lot of effort, hard work and rehearsal to give our best for every single second you spend in this event.

Trust me, I really mean it~

Johor otak-otak + king of cat mountain (durian)

We travel all the way down to the most southern area of Johor and held our meaningful event @ The Zon Regency Hotel.

The Zon Regency Hotel
The environment was superb. At night, it actually have a live band with some hot chicks and foreign singer singing the hit song of the 90′ at the hall and is indeed a best place for last minute preparation relax for the event to kick start the next morning.
On that day, it didn’t go well as something bad happen in the morning before the event started but luckily we manage to overcome it, credits go to
The attendance is more than what we had expected. The turn out rate is more than the registration. In fact, we need to add in more more more chairs into the hall. Thank god that the hall can allow us to add  in additional chairs.
the hall
Therefore, we would like to take this opportunity to express my infinite thanks for those who attended and be with us for the whole event, from 9.30 am to 1.00 pm. Sincerely hope that our effort is worth for your precious time.
Another big thanks to our platinum sponsor, Hp and Gold sponsor, 3D connexion to give the fullest support and not forget to mention the fabulous prizes sponsored by them. The participants like it (very much) and we like it (very very much) as well, especially most of the prizes are designed to be sustainable, which totally suit our theme.
they are so happy!~
I will not share much on the contents yet as I would prefer to keep it as a secret for Penang kia and Klang Valley participants to come and explore together. So, those who haven register, REGISTER now; better do it fast to avoid disappointment.
Next week, Shah Alam & Penang! See you there!
Do buy me some tambun biscuit & char keow teow when you come in ya!~
p/s: Johorian who miss the event, I don’t mind you drive up to Shah Alam to join us.