31st Dec 2009- It’s so fast to reach the last day of year 2009. For the pass 365 days, what have you achieved? Beside sitting in front of the monitor screen everyday.

for you who following SolidWorks-Malaysia blog since the very 1st day, we are glad to tell you that this is our 1st year anniversary and my 1st ever blog- Ice Kacang machine Our blog started last year, since 10th of December & thank to the team commitment and passion on SolidWorks with a willingness to share, we currently have 79 followers from varies country (mainly from Malaysia) and posted 170 blogs.
For a new blog in the bloggy blog world, we really proud to share with you our excitement and our achievement. Continue to support us by following our blogs and i guarantee you more and more interesting and eye-opening articles will be share in year 2010.
We wish you a fruitful year in 2010!~

Bye bye 2009! Welcome 2010!~