I love Robot!! It just like ….
Optimus Prime in Transformer movie….. “COOL MAN”…..
I was so excited when SolidWorks invite a certified customer highlight presentation from MEGA Brand, INC.

I was surprised to learn how much MEGA Design engineer fully utilize SolidWorks in their product development. This process all started when the team was presented with a request from marketing to create a new toy to fulfill the need in the product line. After initial sketches, the team begins with modeling different ideas in SolidWorks using the same design process. After a few ideas are modeled up, they are then printed out using rapid prototyping. This process allows them to quickly evaluate differences design concepts and determine which design should be need for further refined.

Haha, so steal some of your kid’s toys and start modeling them up in SolidWorks. Who knows, you might be a future toy designer having the time in your life.

Hurray! ….the REAL Robot