Hey friends, Happy 2010!~Wonder how you spend your holidays during last weekend? Well, I’ve enjoyed the shopping with my family and bought myself a cool sun glasses!Looking at my cool stylish sun glasses, I was wondering how SolidWorks can design this kind of stuff? I will say the frame is the core to decide how attractive and stylish the glasses will be, and this is also the portion where you need to handle well when design a glasses in SolidWorks!

If you look properly, you will notice actually the frame of the glasses is a 3D Curve. What is 3D curve? Picture below will be the best way to show you the difference between 2D &3D curve in CAD!
2D Curve

3D Curve
You can create several types of 3D curves by using these function provided in SolidWorks for example: projected curve, composite curve, helix & spiral, curve through reference/XYZ points. To handle the frame of the glassess, you can use projected curve. Projected curve can be applied whenever you want to project a sketch onto a model face / surface, or, when you want to obtain the intersection of sketches from two different sketch planes (intersection planes).
To use this function, 1st, you need to sketch out the shape of the glasses from front view and definetly the sketch will be located on front plane:
shape of the glasses from front view
Then, Open another sketch on right plane, you will need to figure out the shape of glasses how it looks from side view:
shape of the glasses from side view
Next, go to Insert >Curve> Projected…Use option : “Sketch on Sketch”, select the two sketches and from the preview you will see the shape of the new curve:
If you try to predict the output of projected curve, in fact it is the intersection of two surfaces extruded out from the selected 2D sketches:

intersection of two surfaces
The projected curve can be used as the sweep path when you try to create the frame and also as the boundary of the glasses, just apply the “Filled Surface” function to fill up the boundary:
Filled Surface

The glasses


This is the rendered image of my simple design. I did it during a boring night~