You saw the BIG image on top of my blog and sure you are wondering what is that? Right?

Every year after SolidWorks Innovation day, DS SolidWorks will held an online virtual event for you to get to know more about SolidWorks latest release. This year, it named “DS SolidWorks Innovation Forum“. The benefits? You can access anytime, anywhere (provided you have internet access)

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DS SolidWorks Innovation Forum is a series of online events hosted on a virtual conference platform. It provides you with a conducive environment for SolidWorks community to network and interact with each other, irrespective of geographical location. Get the update on the latest trends and technology from industry and product experts. Gain knowledge and enhance your skills to become more productive at what your do best.”

DS SolidWorks Innovation forum will go ‘live‘ for three weeks and every week it have a theme:

Winning in Business: 14th November 2011

Winning in Product Innovation: 21st November 2011

Winning in life: 28th November 2011

Detail you can refer to

Register now for free, have a ‘walk’ in the virtual conference and you stand a chance to win a lucky prizes.
Join now and bump me in the virtual hall. I  will be walking around the conference for whole day. See ya!~
(I can’t wait for Michael A. Podolinsky presentation)