Flexible component is one of the features you need to know, if your machine design involves or required to study the solid component movement or motion base on the design reference.

As we know, in order to stimulate the machine movement, usually we will group up components in different sub-assembly, instead of moving individual parts by parts, using sub-assembly, the movement of the machine or equipment will be more nature.

Grouping up the component using sub-assembly feature.

As you can see, originally, the spring is straight, do not align with the bar.

Normally the spring component tend to become straight instead of bending.

Right click the component, and select the flexible component, select the subject and flexible component, allow you to force the spring to move base on the bar position.

In the flexible feature, you select the reference for the other end.

The different reference at each end reference of the spring, will force the spring to twist to meet the condition set in the flexible components.

The flexible component feature will bend the spring according to the reference setting.

Sometime, it takes some times to refresh the graphic detail if your machine is too complex. But end result of the feature will be amazed you.

After you move the components, usually it takes a bit of time to load.

This feature not only applicable for spring, you may apply on the solid object, such as the door hinge, to move when the door is open or close.

Door hinge can be move using flexible component.

Suspension spring in the assembly.

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