Nowadays, CAD or computer-aided design is well-known to all industries in Malaysia especially the ones involved in design. It is a must-have tool to deliver products which are competitive and cost efficient.

Why does SOLIDWORKS stand out amongst other CAD software? Today, we will highlight the 3 main reasons for that:


Integration and Associativity

Two reasons here? No, these are only considered as one reason because they are correlated. A CAD software is no longer what everyone is looking for; everyone needs a smart CAD software which can communicate with other software seamlessly.

Everyone wants to do less work and spend more quality time with their family, a SMART CAD tool that is able to communicate with other software and do their job automatically. Is SOLIDWORKS one of that tools? No! There is no such tool but SOLIDWORKS is the closest one.

SOLIDWORKS is working closely with more than 500 solution partners to develop integrated add-in which extend the functionality of SOLIDWORKS to CAE (computer-aided engineering), CAM (computer-aided manufacturing), visualization, data management, design automation and more.

One of the benefits of integrated add-in and also the most crucial one is associativity. A lot of time human likes to change their mind, one minute he wants to eat McDonald’s, then next minute he wants to eat KFC. Same goes to engineers and designers, lots of decision making and design changes occur every day.

Usually, these changes add collateral damage to the operation cost such as delay production due to slow data update and scrap or rework due to wrong revision used. With integrated solution, any changes will be propagated and updated instantly since data are associated with each other.


Ease of Use

The most ideal employee for an employer is a fresh graduate with 10 years of working experience.

SOLIDWORKS developer team compressed decades of design experiences into this software and makes it extremely easy to learn and use. There is a built-in tutorial inside SOLIDWORKS where you can follow a step-by-step guideline to learn how to use SOLIDWORKS.

Even a secondary school student is able to pick-up this skill easily, as long as they have proper interest. Moreover, IME is partnered up with 80% of education institutes in Malaysia and we provide training to the students.

This means that if we simply pick a graduate from 100 people, there is an 80% chance that he or she is already equipped with SOLIDWORKS skills and is ready to perform with minimal training. If you are looking for extra bit of help, IME provides top notch training with a fully qualified instructor as well. The training content is customizable to suit all needs.


Abundance of Resources

There are millions of components out there in the cloud ready for you to download and import into SOLIDWORKS.

These are the sweats and tears of the other designers that you enjoy for free thanks to the huge community developed throughout the year. You can import those standard components and use it directly without the need to recreate the components, this can save a lot of time.

Furthermore, there are a lot of SOLIDWORKS forums and videos out there that users can refer to and find ideas to develop their own product. Thanks to the advanced in internet or cloud technology, we are no longer working as an individual.

We are working as a community where our brains are intertwined virtually to form a network of creativity.


Save Cost

There is a fourth point? Yes! Because maybe I didn’t strengthen my point enough in the past few points. I will highlight once again here in the last point, SOLIDWORKS helps to SAVE COST!

Although the starting investment is not exactly cheap, but in a long run it will help the company to save cost in terms of improving productivity, reducing unnecessary scrap or rework, speed up the process to market your products and standardizing your workflow.

Other than that, SOLIDWORKS has a range of license types that you can choose from to suit your budget.


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– Maxwell Wong, Application Engineer, IME Technology Sdn Bhd