Top SOLIDWORKS New Features from 2016 until 2022 | Part I

A List of Favourable SOLIDWORKS What’s New Features From 2016 – 2022

Every year, SOLIDWORKS will introduce many new features for the users to improve their design process and time. In this blog, we will be providing a list and summarisation for every useful feature that had been introduced over the past 6 years. The list is divided into 5 main categories which are User Interface, Parts, Assemblies, Drawings and SOLIDWORKS Simulation.

Today, let’s talk about the User Interface!

User Interface

      • Breadcrumbs Menu
        Breadcrumbs Menu is a tool to help navigate an assembly and locate what you’re looking for quickly and efficiently.
      • Section View
        Section View is now equipped with a triad manipulator so that user can justify the location for sectioning easily.
      • Parent and Child Dependencies
        With this feature that can be turned on or off, users can now see the features that are related to specific features selected.
      • Mating Component
        Mating Component automatically changes the selected component transparency for better view on selecting another entity.
      • What’s Wrong
        Now, when you select error features, it has a pop-up to show on the error/warning information. This will help users to understand more on what needs to be repaired.
      • Home Tab
        Home Tab is now equipped with a recent file and some filter option.
      • Shortcut Menu
        In order to customise shortcut commands, you just need to drag and drop the icon to the shortcut menu. There is also a search tab to search for any command instead of hovering into top right corner.
      • Coordinate System
        Coordinate System can be set using numeric values from axis. Before this, you can only can use by selecting existing entities to define the coordinate system.
      • Assembly/Components Reference Geometry Shortcut Button
        When you are using the Q button, it will present the assemblies or components reference geometry such as plane and origin.
What’s New 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022
Breadcrumbs Menu
Triad Manipulator for Section View
Parent and Child Dependencies
Change Transparency During Mating
What’s Wrong Information  
Home Tab Improvement      
Drag & Drop for Creating Shortcut          
Find Commands in Shortcut            
Coordinate System Defined by Numeric            
Assemblies/Components Reference Geometry Shortcut            

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