Welcome back to the second part of this series!

If you are new to this series, do head over the first part to get a gist of what we’re talking about here!

Last week, we talk all about new features for SOLIDWORKS User Interface (UI) from the past years that quickly became our favourites! Today, let’s dive into the next favourable features – Parts.



In-context menu sketching
Selecting entities in sketches will now come with In-context menu (small icon) to provide options and assist further on the next process.

Instant2D Feature
With Instant2D, users can directly edit size and dimension of their sketches.

Segment Feature
User can now set a equidistant entity in linear or circular without calculating the dividing length for the entities.

Swept Feature
Now, with Swept Feature, users can directly use the Circular Profile option so the users do not need to create new circle profile sketch. From these options, users can also define the diameter of the Circular profile.

Edge Flange
When using Edge Flange, users can now change profile directly from the graphic area. User can also use the feature on curve edges.

Slicing Feature
Slicing Feature works something like converting sketch entites. It detects the imported geomtery and converts it into sketch on different planes.

Sketch/Component patterning
With Patterning Feature, users have the option to create two direction in a single feature.

Corner Bend Relief
Corner Bend Relief feature can select up to three edges to define user settings.

Interference Detection
Interference Detection can be used with Part File that has a multibody geometry.

Appearance Color
When defining colour, users now have a color picker to copy colour from outsource.

Custom Property
Equation can now be used when creating custom property.

Draft Feature
Draft Feature is now supporting two-direction path in a single feature.

Stud Wizard Feature
Users can use the Stud Wizard to create external threaded stud features and define the stud parameters then position the studs on the model. Users can also apply thread parameters to existing cylindrical shafts.

Mirror Feature
Mirroring now supporting to be done on two plane in a single command. Users no longer need to create separate feature across each plane.

What’ New 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022
Sketch In-context menu
Instant2D feature to modify dimension
Detach segment on drag
Segment feature creating equidistant entity
Swept Feature circular profile option
Edit Edge Flange profile directly
Drag shaded/closed area sketch
Transparent component on section views
2 Directions component/sketch patterning
3 Corner Bend Relief
Enhanced use of imported Mesh
Transform Appearances into Geometry
Multibody Interference Detection
Edges Flange on curve edges
Colour Picker for appearance
Equation in Custom Property
Creating Draft in 2 direction
Stud Wizard feature
Mirror across two planes/faces

Let us know what you think of these features!

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