SOLIDWORKS is a solid modelling software that allows you to design products in 3D. The technique is generally to sketch 2D profiles then use methods like extruding and lofting to produce the solid shape. It is an easy-to-use CAD design software with short learning curve.

In fact, the CAD model that has been created by SOLIDWORKS also can be used to create drawing, simulate, visualize and more with their multi products. For over 25 years, SOLIDWORKS has been the trusted industry standard in design and engineering. Click HERE to read more about SOLIDWORKS.

Want to know how the SOLIDWORKS free trial works? Well here we are ready to provide the answers to you. Our article will guide you through the SOLIDWORKS Trial journey. Discover easy step and helpful FAQS about the SOLIDWORKS online and offline trial. We also provide training and event to all SOLIDWORKS user.

Here are 10 common questions for SOLIDWORKS free trial and training:

1. Does SOLIDWORKS have free trial?

Yes they have! You may access the latest versions with multiple SOLIDWORKS products by using the free trial. This is a great way to test SOLIDWORKS capabilities and functions. Basically, the free trial allows you to explore on the latest release of SOLIDWORKS Premium.

You can also have access to SOLIDWORKS Simulation, SOLIDWORKS CAM, SOLIDWORKS MBD and SOLIDWORKS Visualize. This trial version can run up to 7 days when using SOLIDWORKS Online product trials. For offline product trial can be used up to 30 days.

2. Does SOLIDWORKS free trial need to download or install anything?

Online trials connect directly through your internet browser. Thus you don’t have to worry about the performance of your graphics card, the speed of your processor or the amount of storage left on your computer. All you need is an HTML5 compatible web browser and you can access the free trial in an online trial environment.

In that situation, it is suggested to use it with a broadband connection of at least 3000/300 Kbps (Download/Upload). For best experience, we have found 5000/500 Kbps to be ideal for 1920×1080 resolution. For an acceptable experience, a minimum of 1000/100 is as low as a user should go.

For offline trial you will need to bear with your workstation performance because installation is needed. Minimum space required was 20GB to make sure the installation runs successfully. Click HERE to see the requirement needed to install SOLIDWORKS on your workstation.

3. How to get SOLIDWORKS free trial?

Just click HERE and submit the form to download SOLIDWORKS free trial. Our team will contact you to assist on getting the online or offline trial.


4. How can I learn to use SOLIDWORKS?

Look no farther than IME Technology’s SOLIDWORKS training services in Malaysia if you want to learn how to utilise it or master more advanced skills. Whether you take one of our courses online, in person, or on-site, you’ll always have access to a training machine loaded with SOLIDWORKS.

This gives our students hands-on experience with the most recent version of SOLIDWORKS Premium, as well as all of the other software solutions we provide. We also provide Hands-On Test Drive (HOTD) and Webinar to sharpen your knowledge and skills!

5. What is the topic discussed in HOTD/Webinar?

By Joining the HOTD/Webinars, participants will get lot of knowledge that will improve on their work process. The HOTD/Webinars were concerns about the engineering solutions from Design until Manufacturing.

The topic discussed was separated by 6 categories:-

  • Design/Engineering
  • Design Validation
  • Data Management
  • Quality/Manufacturing
  • Marketing/Sales
  • Design to Manufacturing Solutions

6. How can I join the HOTD/Webinar?

You may click HERE and see if there is any HOTD/Webinars will be conducted. Then click on “Register Now” on the event that you would like to join. The topic and time will be listed here for example:

7. What if I cannot join the HOTD/Webinar on time?

There is no need to worry if you did not make it on time. All of our HOTD/Webinar will have their recorded session. Thus you may watch on the recorded session whenever you are free! This will benefit and gives valuable knowledge to our entire customer even though they cannot attend live session.

8. How to view recorded HOTD/Webinar?

If you would like to view the recorded session, click here and scroll down until the list of Recorded Webinars as below then you may need to fill in a simple form to continue to watch on the session.

9. I need SOLIDWORKS for one-time project only.

If SOLIDWORKS is just needed for a single project, purchasing a permanent license may not make financial sense. Investing time and resources in SOLIDWORKS software, training, and implementation may not be the most cost-effective choice. In certain cases, IME Technology can provide a service solution that allows you to work on SOLIDWORKS projects without having to buy it.

10. How to submit a project request to IME Technology?

If you have any design or project enquiries you may contact us at our Website. To direct contact can use our mobile phone number 03-77836866 or email us at

Our team are ready to help!

– Irfan Rosli, Application Engineer, IME Technology Sdn Bhd