This ‘star’ is easily created with a very useful feature in SolidWorks.
All the horns are very smooth and organic. This feature helps us to create a shape that is very organic. This useful feature no other than freeform. Freeform allow us to create those shapes are very organic which is difficilt to model using sketch feature such as sweeps or loft.
The steps:
1.  Split it to get the highlighted face.
2.  Delete the others, left the highlighted face.
3. Use freeform. Add a curve in the middle of the face and add a point at the center of the curve.
4. Change the view to top view, select the point.

5. Drag the point through Z axis (green color arrow)

6. Pattern it using circular pattern.

7.  Fill all the gaps using filled surface.

8. Finally, knit it up and form it as a solid. As simple as that.