Do you know that there is website out there inside World Wide Web which offering you the peace of mind of creating your own material properties?
Well, introduce to you Here you have tones and tones of material properties to be choose without having the headache of flipping through your materials handbook! The best thing is it can be associated with your SolidWorks programme! Of course there would be charges, but if you wish to have it free.. well, just have to type all the data on your own as I teach you yesterday.Give it a try!
Warhamni ( a.k.a 我爱你 (i love you),she is the trainer for CADCAM training centre, SolidWorks Authorized training centre. Although she join the team late but trust me, she’s good in ‘playing’ SolidWorks and a fast learner. She can easily answer you in no time, with her lighting speed Kawasaki.