This time I would like to share something which may helps some of you who usually use mouse wheel to change the dimensions.
Making changes to the dimensions by scrolling the mouse wheel is actually moving the “Thumb Wheel” or some recognised “Spin Box”  on the modify window. As you scroll the mouse wheel or you click on the Spin Box, the dimension will be changed gradually by the specified increments.
The increment is actually you can set it under  >Options>System Options>Spin Box Increments. By default they are 10mm. This means that when you click the spin box the value changes by 10mm.

Here you can set you own increment units to be to ease you to quickly change the dimensions value.
Suhaila ( beside a great singer, she is the trainer for CADCAM training centre, SolidWorks Authorized training centre. Her experiences in SolidWorks help to explore a lot of great tips and tricks to allow us to design faster.