Let’s talk about a feature in sheet metal, closed corner. I had created a part using sheet metal.
But I have a situation here, after I flatten it, there is a gap (Highlighted in red circle).
But I don’t want the gap, so I decided to remove the unwanted material; to make it became the same like the image on the right hand side. How can I do so? Yes, with the help of closed corner.
First, we measure the gap (show in the picture below). Say, the gap is about 2.82843mm.
Now, we can start to remove the unwanted area. Go to Insert – sheet metal – closed corner. Select the according to the picture below. Select Butt for Corner type, fill in the gap value as we measured just now and uncheck the Narrow corner.

Click okay and there you go; you’ll get what you want. Give a try.
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