Hi my dear friend, I am sure all of you heard about SolidWorks Virtual event for some months. This platform is amazing, just like you attending an actual event at 5 star hotels.

IME Technology Malaysia had joining in this virtual experience platform, to be Malaysia first “SolidWorks Virtual event” program organizer! Thanks SolidWorks Corporation.

For the pass few week, IME SolidWorks Engineer are cracking their head THINK! THINK! And THINK! for innovative stuff to share with all of us. When my first time watching the video my team created, I was so surprise!!! Unbelievable ….

Please don’t miss this amazing day! During IME SolidWorks Xpresso Day, you will heard some very sweet & sexy lady voice (japanese) 🙂 , innovative design sharing  and a very important actor “ Paper Man”…

To appreciate your support, who ever attend IME SolidWorks Xpresso, on 10Dec 2009 at 12.30pm to 2.30pm” will stay a chance to win for a “SolidWorks Limited prize”.
(if you are not available to join during this period, don’t worry the presentation material will on demand basic until 14 Dec, you can login any time during this period)

While, how to join for the event. It was just as simple as below:

1.Login to www.solidworks.com/swid_ime
2.Click Register

3. Fill in your personnel detail and click submit
– You can add in your photo if you wan
– During the event, you can chat with other attendees from different country

4. Congratulation, you are now able to login as an participants for “IME SolidWorks Xpresso Day”
5. You will see a lot of people walking around at the lobby, here, you can easily click on to auditorium hall or exhibition to visit.

6. This is how an auditorium hall look like
– You can create your own chat room
– Or join other created chat room

7. This is how an exhibition hall look like
– Browse over your mouse to click for the information

8. What if I facing problem to login this side, try this solution “ delete your internet explorer cookies”. This will solve your problem.

Remember our date, see you on 10 Dec, 12.30pm. until 14 December.
You are always welcome to drop me an email at
felicia@cadcam.com.my for more.

Bye and have a nice weekend!!!!