To design something in a 3D curve not challenging at all since SolidWorks has this click-and-use feature to generate a 3D sketch. You know how to use 3D sketch, right? Okay,

Cool right?

something missing? Hmm…

Yes, the handle.

Recently I have a drawing. A drawing of a chopper’s handle and it might fit nicely into this marvelous baby. Again, it is easy to design it but how can I re-draw it back if I only have the drawing? I believe most company who taking OEM projects would face this kind of problem as well. Client only giving you a 2D drawing instead of 3D model, like this:

Of course we all knew that drawing only giving us 2D dimension; not in 3D. So guys, how can I trace back the 3D curve?

Any idea?

Okay, this is what you can do. 1st of all, we know that drawing was dimension in front plane, top plane, side plane, section view etc. All I need is the front and the top plane. With the dimension I have, start with front plane, just create a normal 2D sketch as per the drawing indicated.

Next, of course, top plane. Same like front plane, just draw a 2D sketch as per the drawing. At the end you will have 2 sketched dropped on 2 different planes, front & top plane, like this:

This is the moment that we are waiting for, the feature which can combine 2 2D sketches into A 3D sketch. Presenting Projected curve!

It was located under insert> curve> projected curve. Select this feature and use sketch on sketch options whereby you need to select both sketches. After you select, notice there will be a yellow line appear. Yes, this is the 3D sketch that we are looking for. Isn’t it fast and easy to use?

With this 3D sketch, just add a profile at the end of it, swept it and there you go, a nice looking chopper’s handle. 🙂 Happy trying!~

p/s: the famous Orange County Choppers (OCC) which broadcast in discovery channel, their design done by using SolidWorks.