It’s has been so time that i didn’t compose new post in this blog, this is not because of i am lazy but i’m actually “working hard” to gather a series of good designs with others fellowship and share in this blog. (Excuses)

The one that i am going to share with you today is a “DIAMOND RING”, designed and modeled by “Nelson”. In order to ensure this ring has its copyright, he even carved his name on the ring body.

The first impression when i received this ring from him is ” Wah….this diamond is very BIG”……..and looking at it’s size……this diamond is more than 3 carats…… later i fall into deep thought…..then i said to myself ” Well, that is the advantage of having a 3D modeling Software, you can design anything at any size you desire at almost “ZERO” cost”. Basically by having a 3D modeling software, we can designed anything that we can imagined.
Guys, i wondered how great it will be if we can use this ring for marriage proposal….. (ZERO COST as well)

Some words of suggestion to Nelson.

“Next Time Draw A Bigger Diamond!!”
Am i right ladies??
~Nelson/ah lau~