This happen on the 2nd day of General Session, just when we thought that the session is over. Suddenly, a strong music was introduced and the back drop changed to “WILL IT BREAK” , a sumo wrestler enters stage and Jeff Ray enters the stage as well. This was one of the most hilarious bits of a product presentation I’ve seen. Let’s take a look at some pics.

You might wondered where is Jeff Ray? There are only 3 guys on stage. Not the white man! Definately not the Simo wrestler………YES!!! the guy with red shirt who rides on the pink mini scooter is Dassault Systèmes Solidworks Corporation CEO, Jeff Ray. Unbelievable is it? Believe it!!

The highlight of this presentation are when the 400lbs sumo wrestler sit on that tiny pink scooter and later throw the scooter from air without breaking any parts of the scooter. Second unbelievable is it? Believe it because the scooter has been pre checked and tested by Solidworks Simulation.

Solidworks Corp has put these funny acts into Solidworks Website. In order to save your time, I had founded the link and you just need to click on pic below to view this hilarious presentation.

Enjoy it!!
~ah lau~