The evolution of the product process had change the world now a day. From manual and manual blueprint drawing, to paperless software to do product design. The evolution of the design process, forced, pushed the industrial player to adapt to the new design work flow. Question of the day: Is it bad if we refused to changed and remain the traditional way to do product design?
These are the reasons, why we should start to consider SOLIDWORKS as the first step of industrial evolution.
SOLIDWORKS provide multiple platform and module to allow all type of industrial players to take the first step into industrial 4.0. SOLIDWORKS is known as the parametric design software tools, with convenience of window base interface, which ease the user to quickly pick up the skills to use SOLIDWORKS.

SOLIDWORKS provide a window base interface, which allow the user easier to use the software.
Parametric system in the software, ensure users to design their product with the most precision data.
The graphic area in SOLIDWORKS is the main point of using SOLIDWORKS. Graphic area in the software, allow user to check their design in different perspective view, checking dimension, and changing the appearance of the object for product presentation.

The viewport in the SOLIDWORKS, allow user to rotate the model to check their final product.
The evaluate tools, measure tool allow user to check the area, perimeter, and even dimension of the specific section.
Colour or appearance section in SOLIDWORKS, allow user to change the colour of the whole model, or specific surface.
Using the SOLIDWORKS Visualize module, the software able to beautify and make our product more realistic behaviour, which ease the process of promoting products in the market. The software is simple to use and users are not required to be an engineer to use it.

The rendering function in SOLIDWORKS Visualize able to create a more realistic view for the existing CAD model.

Provided the colour, appearance; all is organized, easier for the user to find their desire patterns and colours.
To improve our product design, SOLIDWORKS come with simulation topology study module, to optimize the product design, based on our requirement with the minimum effort, without spending extra expenses for trial and error on the actual product.

The highlighted part, is the available area that allow us to optimize the design, to reduce the weight of the component.

After we optimize our design, we can always run simulation to ensure we do not compromise the strength of the component.
With latest SOLIDWORKS version, the problem of working with other CAD files can be solved. SOLIDWORKS 3D Interconnect allow the software to import major CAD formats, including STEP 242. Here we are, the software not only importing the CAD model for your project, it also able to include the custom properties, material and various information from the CAD file.  
SOLIDWORKS able to import AutoCAD Inventor CAD file to do assembly design.
Speaking of security, have you ever worry about file been stole or corrupted accident by others when they use your workstation? With SOLIDWORKS PDM, we can always create unique ID and password, to access into the vault. The vault can always be customized with different type of privilege for different user base on their employee job scope. By checking in and out the files, allow the system to trace back the revision history, and get the latest update on the changes made on the files.

We also can set submission approval for each individual, to ensure the workflow more systematics.

PDM enable to show the status of current workflow, and user who current editing the file, and revision of the existing drawing as well.

The PDM vault consists of table tot show the latest revision of the file, and the smart tools in the PDM system, allow user to search their file within seconds.
Vendor having error reading production in drawing, very hard to visualize your product for fabrication? By using SOLIDWORKS MBD, SOLIDWORKS is able to create your production with 3D pdf. With the convenience paperless method, vendor only need to use computer or even a tablet to read the pdf files. Rotation of the 3D model, allow use to visualize and understand the product design, with the additional information for precision dimension, measurement error can be avoided easily.

3D pdf file enable vendor to fabricate the CAD model easily.

MBD can be easily used in SOLIDWORKS; it comes with separate standalone software.
With this entire enhancement in SOLIDWORKS, we have the solid reasons why we should start thinking to implement SOLIDWORKS to improve the existing workflow to be more effective manner. Here we are, if we don’t make our move today, how an we be a head of the others competitor? Contact us for more information, let us assist you on this transformation.