Hp notebook is in my hand. The winner name and detail is in my hand. The winning slogan is in my hand. The slogan that gives you a HP notebook is:

“Dream your idea, Design with SolidWorks, Do it with IME”

A big big congratulation to you, Mr. Akmal Khariz B.Ahmad Fuad from Petronas Research.
So, the question: what so special about his slogan? Can you spot the hidden meaning behind this slogan?
3D! 3D! 3D! The answer is 3D (dream, design, do). He manages to use 3 ‘D’ to write a slogan that consists of “IME” and “SolidWorks”. Very impressive and that’s the reason why he truly the one who deserve to be the champion of the slogan competition in conjunction of IME SolidWorks Innovation Day 201, the launching of SolidWorks 2012.
As I mentioned early, the HP notebook is in my hand. You better contact us ASAP before I install SolidWorks 2012 into it for my own use.
Again, congratulation for all 3 winners!~
For the rest, continue to follow our fan page and blog. I’m planning to give out prizes every week. Detail soon to announce.
Thank you for attended SolidWorks Innovation day (either in Penang, Kuala Lumpur or Johor). Contact us if you would like to have more details about SolidWorks 2012.