In conjunction of the 20th release of SolidWorks, SolidWorks 2012, we organize a slogan writing competition.
Pretty simple, blend some creativity into “IME” & “SolidWorks” to write a less than 20 words slogan, and you stand a chance to win:
1. Hp notebook
2. iPad 2 (sponsored by DS SolidWorks)
3. Dell notebook
As agreed, today is the day to announce the winners winner. Yup, we decided to announce one by one.
Today, at our facebook fan page, we announced the winner for the Dell notebook. The winner for Dell notebook is Mr. Hang Chit Yong,  Laird Technologies (Penang), with his winning slogan:
” Dream our future, SolidWorks visualize it, IME deliver it”
Bravo! Bravo!

Mr. Hang, please contact us for your Dell notebook before i keep it for myself.
Tomorrow, we shall announce the winner for the iPad 2 at our facebook fan page.
Stay tuned!~
Click here to find out more about Laird Technologies.