Congratulation to Mr. Ahmad Hafiz B. Zainudin with your winning slogan:
“Share your needs with IME, realize your dream with SolidWorks”
You just won yourself an iPad 2 after competing over 450 participants who attended SolidWorks Innovation day 2011. It’s not easy to filter all the bad, good, better and best slogan. It tough for us to choice but finally we decided you, Ahmad is the 2nd runner up winner. Again, please contact us before I keep your iPad in my house.

For the rest who submitted your slogan, good news is that you might be the final winner. Tomorrow, same time, 9,00pm will announce the winner of Hp notebook. Make sure you stay with us for the announcement.
Also, please help me to inform your kawan who attended SWID but haven ‘fan’ our Facebook fan page to ‘fan’ us and found out is he or you are the winner.