SOLIDWORKS has empowered design engineering and has developed in multiple versions to suit user needs. Initially SOLIDWORKS run on a local computer which is collectively called as “On Premise” as the software’s run on individually on the PC or within the same network. Then, SOLIDWORKS introduced Cloud version which works better for collaboration. SOLIDWORKS Cloud provide next-gen solution running on 3DEXPERIENCE platform offering vast of task-oriented tools, photorealistic renderings with built in collaboration and cloud-based PLM tools.


Who Should Use SOLIDWORKS Cloud

This cloud-based solution is ideal for businesses that prioritize mobility and device independence, as it allows users to access and work on design files from anywhere, using any internet-connected device. Its browser-based hosting is also beneficial for companies with geographically dispersed teams that require real-time collaboration capabilities. Real-time collaboration could be made possible to ensure smooth communication delivered across the business ecosystem, including customers, partners, and suppliers. The ability to support advance modelling tools in cloud environment is ideal for those who need advanced surface modelling tools and want to lower IT costs and administration by eliminating software installation and manual updates for CAD and data management.


What are SOLIDWORKS cloud licensing available?

Apart from local SOLIDWORKS such as SOLIDWORKS Standard, SOLIDWORKS Premium and SOLIDWORKS Professional there are also various range of SOLIDWORKS subscription for hybrid and cloud-based solutions. Please bear in mind SOLIDWORKS Cloud pricing may differ and vary from time to time and subjected to price changes depending on factors such as offer and promotions.

solidworks packages table comparison

Pricing is based on listed price at the time of this article is published. The price listed is not represent final price and may vary according to factors such as discounts and promotions


Is SOLIDWORKS Cloud for me?

SOLIDWORKS are available in various format either installed locally on your computer or operates in the cloud to cater every need, but one question shall remain is if a user need to purchase SOLIDWORKS, why he should choose the cloud solution and in which situation it should be fully utilised? Aside from pricing, there are multiple reasons why cloud-based software is a better option.

Access, Edit and Use Anywhere, Anytime

You are seeking for reliable yet proven CAD software and product development solution, but your team need to use it in geographically dispersed locations, almost every region and work mostly online so as you keep on going you could keep your work with you with cloud based SOLIDWORKS. All you need is a decent internet connection on any capable devices to relog in, access and edit your work instantly. Access your designs during presentation or on the go without having to bring heavy computers to save you a lot of time and keep it updated in real-time.


Reduce Overhead Costs and Saves More

In any organisation of all sizes, cost management is a top priority in ensuring efficiency in reducing liability to a company. Starting and setting up the team equipped with capable hardware that can run the software on a local server require a hefty capital and accumulated to the overhead consequently. With the ability to operate SOLIDWORKS on cloud environment, you are not required to have high end machines and physical workstation to give you more room to save more and reduce deficit.


Good for SMEs, even better for Startups

To those who claim that SOLIDWORKS is only used by individual professionals or multinational companies that can break the bank, you may be mistaken. Smaller to medium business should leverage on cloud-hosted CAD software. For companies that are used to CAD software, this might be a turning point to try this powerful next-generation design solutions to see how it boost the team productivity and maximise your design potential but if you are new in the industry and have the surplus to afford the wealthy online experience, a cloud-based CAD software might be great to collaborate on fundamental projects and start making your mark to lead the competitions. However, when your business grows over time you might want to reevaluate your decision based on long term investment.


Unlimited Cloud Storage with Secured Data

If you need more room for bigger projects and need to store sensitive data, the cloud hosted SOLIDWORKS should be of your choice. SOLIDWORKS on the cloud offers integrated 3D CAD with built in centralised secured data and product lifecycle management with collaborative functions. Your designs and documentations are stored online which makes it possible to reach and communicate with your team in real-time. Manage, track changes and easily visualise ideas and concepts to foster innovative culture among the contributors ensuring uniform design and shared vision towards achieving project’s goals.

Solidworks cloud table comparison


From local perspective, SOLIDWORKS has been established for a long time. The team behind the renowned application has worked hard to regularly update with features and maintenance to support with user needs. SOLIDWORKS Cloud has its own benefits suitable for users that prioritise mobility in a smaller team and could afford the upfront for the cloud subscription.


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