It might surprise you, but people love being bused down the road to an Amusement Park that looks like a small jungle. This small jungle was Disney’s Animal Kingdom and it turned out it’s not all that small. Nearly the entire group of 4300+ SolidWorks World attendees and guests took to the walkways, the roller coasters and the multiple tables of food.

Here’s some of the pics…
Pics from
Lou Gallo. Great shots Lou.

The dark and mysterious entrance.

People love to stand in lines at Disney. This one was for about 80 buses to ship’em over to the park.

The guides were kind enough to tell us were to go to eat delectable piles of food piled upon tables through the different areas of the park

There was a tree thing. It was huge and looked like it was carved out of one giant tree…

Here’s that tree closer up. It’s quite large don’t ya think. I wish there were tiny inhabitants popping out throwing things.Here’s a detail that looks drastically similar to John Carpenter’s ‘The Thing’… I left quickly.

They had musicians being musical and dancing creature things. These guys were beating on stuff and it sounded DOPE. I could of hung out here all night but I was hungry.

Everest close up. I heard screams coming from within.