Friend of mine just brought a new Sony Ericsson handphone “G700”. I was so excited as I’m one of the biggest Sony Ericsson FANS. Emm…
Sony Ericsson is SolidWorks long term design partner, all their products design in SolidWorks. I get to know this only when I meet Tom Walder, Senior Design Manager for Sony Ericsson.

At Sony Ericsson, they use 3D printing as more of a daily design tool, printing more than 4000 3D models per year. Tom said that they only perform about two to three hours of engineering design on a new phone design before they 3D print the first simple model prototype to see if they are going down the right path.

Well Done, no wonder they can produce such a good design and good quality Mobile phone. It because they had choose the right design Tool- SolidWorks.