It’s been a while since SOLIDWORKS World 2017. You might have missed the event, but these are some important highlights that we think you should not miss.
1. MySolidWorks
MySolidWorks, the place where millions of users gather, has redefined how you can discover and experience SOLIDWORKS. It lets you:
a) Find support and resources across the SOLIDWORKS community to get access to technical content and answers to your questions.
b) Learn more with Online Training in a wide range of topics at your own pace.
c) Try SOLIDWORKS with the new SOLIDWORKS Online Product Trials available anytime, anywhere, on any device, with no install required.
2. What’s New 2018
Some preview of the great enhancements and new features coming in SOLIDWORKS 2018 later this year:
a) Sketching Enhancements
Mirror 3D Sketch Entities, Sketch Planes as Symmetry Reference, and Pen Sketching.
b) Assembly Enhancements
Assembly Visualization of SOLIDWORKS performance information, 12 Mouse Gestures, New Assembly Performance dialog, ALT key to hide surfaces during mate etc.
c) 3D Interconnect
3D Interconnect will support STEP, IGES, ACIS, JT and updating neutral files, preserve curves and sketches, and also to read custom properties.
d) Fabrication Enhancements
New Tab and Slot feature works in parts, multi-body parts and assemblies; SOLIDWORKS PDM bi-directional communication with drawing revision table.
e) Generative Design
New feature to create parts and integrate simulation easily.
For more detailed information on the new features, stay tuned.
3. Partner Pavilion & Product Showcase
With some 120 exhibitors, which included SOLIDWORKS solution partners and the user community, we got to see up close the amazing projects or newest SOLIDWORKS-inspired products that have been brought to life.
Here is a clip showing you some of those which caught our eyeballs:
a) Lightweight recumbent tricycle with exclusive folding mechanism;
b) Some impressive robotic products;
c) 3D-printed multi-layer circuit board with nanotechnology conductive and dielectric inks;
d) Freight Farm – self-contained hydroponic farms that fit into shipping containers; and
e) Race car simulators.
4. The official launching of Stratasys F123 Series Rapid Prototyping Solutions
During SWW2017, Stratasys unveiled a new professional Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) based F123 Series (F170, F270 and F370) rapid prototyping solutions.
The F123 series are designed to make professional SOLIDWORKS prototyping more accessible. SOLIDWORKS users can now build durable and accurate prototypes using a range of 3D printing materials with the new machines easily as the F123 series address the complete prototyping workflow, resulting in better products and shorter lead times.
Sin Yee
SWW2017 Reporter