Every day, thousands of engineers from every industry design their new products using SOLIDWORKS. 

With a powerful tool which enables one to design without limits, many have thought out of the box and use SOLIDWORKS in different ways – those that we probably had never thought of before.

These are some of the examples:

Paul Reed Smith and Jon Wasserman of PRS Guitars, the top makers of high quality guitars, were creative enough to marry art with engineering. Walking us through the guitar designing process, Paul shared with us how he rocked his collaboration experience with SOLIDWORKS, while designing and manufacturing the custom guitar for rock star Mark Tremonti.

“As a guitar maker, this is what I do. I move the part around in my head. But in this programme, anyone can do that.” It’s almost like putting the guitar under an X-ray machine. Being able to visualize the design in SOLIDWORKS from different view has helped them to make design changes more easily and it smoothened the communication process.
Magic is all about illusion. Tim Clothier and Justin Flom from Illusion Projects had definitely brought the amusement and wonder of magic to the next level. 
With the help of SOLIDWORKS, they managed to design a track-mounted buzzsaw beneath which they will insert their assistant’s head to perform a stunning act. The machine has tight tolerances and should any part of the design went wrong, the brave assistant would get a head cut!
Gian Paolo Bassi, the CEO of SOLIDWORKS was invited to be Justin’s assistant with this question, “Would you trust your life to something made by SOLIDWORKS?” 

Just as Justin has shared earlier, when the engineering and artistic brain collaborate, amazing things happen. Of course Gian Paolo survived, and he made an inspiring remark for the session – each and every one of us has the same opportunity to bring even the most imaginative ideas to reality in our professions.
“We don’t limit our challenges, we challenge our limits.”
As the world population grows and climate changes, food production and supply will eventually be a pressing concern. Using the SOLIDWORKS IoT ecosystem, Jon Friedman, a SOLIDWORKS user and President/Co-Founder of Freight Farms, designed and planted sustainable farms inside of shipping containers, which could eventually be a way to solve problems in a time of transition.

It is a 40-ft shipping container with a well-designed hydroponic system. The system is connected to regulate the atmosphere so you can maintain an optimum crop growing conditions anywhere in the world. To our surprise, the yield can go as high as 1,000 heads of lettuce per week with only 20 hours of labour required!

Sin Yee
SWW2017 Reporter