Robo Rumble 
Having watched a great deal of robot fighting scenes from Hollywood movies, it was like a dream come true for us to be able to witness a combat robotics competition – the first-ever SOLIDWORKS World Robo Rumble!
Guess what, the contestants who built these robots are mainly middle and high school students. What’s more? Close to a half of them are female! Being a graduate from the faculty of Sciences myself, I echo with my female engineer colleagues at work very much that it gives us a real thrill to see more and more girls getting involved in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)! 
The rumble took place in the Arena of Destruction – a specially made bulletproof chamber. It featured four teams from California and Ohio: Fast Electric Robots, The Beaumonsters, Least Worst Robotics and Team Bad Kitty. Each group talked about how they used SOLIDWORKS to design their robot in terms of material selection, machine design, simulation, etc.
Special guest commentators and judges were also invited to the event. So the contestants have SOLIDWORKS users who build fighting robots to decide the winner! The three Robo Rumble rounds were fierce, but Team Fast Electric Robots managed to win both rounds (one per robot) and was crowned with $1000 from SOLIDWORKS!  
For the amazing fighting scenes, check out the video HERE! 
For more details about SOLIDWORKS World Robo Rumble, check out HERE.
Sin Yee
SWW2017 Reporter