We are here, at the 19th SOLIDWORKS WORLD – an annual event for avid designers and innovators, we are honoured to be amongst these great people from all over the world!
The pre-event day is already quite action-packed:

CAD Manager’s Boot Camp

This is the biggest technical session in #SWW that hosts the most CAD geeks 😉 Various topics and tips were discussed to allow CAD managers to gain the most out of SOLIDWORKS, including:

  • Hardware Requirement – what to consider while choosing a CPU / graphic driver, and how by taking care of the hardware has helped in achieving a 75% crash reduction. 
  • SW Installation Manager – what it can do and how to configure for the optimized performance.

  • System Options Settings – new CAD tools for CAD Administrator, e.g., opening & saving large models and toolbox golden rules to boost performance.
  • Managing Data – options available to manage data, troubleshooting tips and tricks for PDM users to understand the complete situations.
  • Troubleshooting Tools – SOLIDWORKS Rx, CAD Admin Dashboard, General Hotfixes, Knowledge Base Access
 I have no doubt why it’s the most popular technical session – highly recommended if you attend #SWW; it was such a fluid learning environment! It is definitely the most interactive seminar I have attended: CAD managers from different industries and countries share their pain and have other CAD managers offer solutions and share similar experiences. Imagine working with a team of all the best brains from all over the world – indeed Together Everyone Achieves More! 

Experience the Super Bowl Fever


Definitely one of those Once-In-A-Lifetime experiences: watching the game – the most watched American television broadcast of the year, with a big group of SOLIDWORKS partners, users and other resellers in the Partner Pavilion. We sure are lucky to witness the unbelievable come back of Patriots from a 28-3 deficit to winning the title! (Maybe we bring the Ong from Rooster Year? :p)

“It’s the microcosm of our life, our season. Mental toughness, believe, do your job, work hard and we’d be champions in the championship game.” – comment from one of the team members Edelman sure sounds familiar to what our Chairman Mr Teoh said at #IMESWID2017: “Only with good strategy, we would be able to achieve our goals with accuracy; with teamwork and perseverance, we will surely be able to break through all limits and challenges”.

What a wonderful way to start our LA journey, a true #olabolamoment. More to come tomorrow, stay tuned!
Till then and good night.
Sin Yee
Los Angeles