A big sorry for my followers who waiting anxiously for SolidWorks World 2010 updates.

Is my honour to attend this great event, SolidWorks World 2010 and be part of the 5000 other participants and over 110 partners. any other software developer can do it?

Jeff Ray, CEO of Dassault SolidWorks shocked the whole CAD industry on the 1st day general session. Imagine, in the near, very near future, SolidWorks can run on multiple platforms, Not only on Mac (I can’t wait for this), Linux, Windows, Firefox, chrome OS.. Something call the cloud system is under-going and with this technology, you can access the design database anytime, anywhere.

5000 participants were so excited when Mark Schneider unveils a Mac with netbook and touch device seating next beside it. We has been waiting to run SolidWorks on Mac since long time ago and finally it’s here.

Direct editing capability in assembly. Simply drag an assembly, all the parts involve updated to the latest dimension while maintaining the feature history.I bet most of you like this enhancement, right? Even with the cloud, open a huge assembly didn’t cause any lagging or slow performance when rotate or moving around.

Although no product announcement, only preview but  I pretty sure what we see today going to be available very soon. A cloud-based 3D modeling system is coming to town!~

Below is a video SolidWorks has posted that has Fielder Hiss and Austin O’Malley of SolidWorks explaining the cloud and what next in the development.