Hey friends, feel boring with your works? Take a break here to challenge this SolidWorks Word Puzzle:

Fill in the columns and rows with SolidWorks features by referring the given hints!

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  1. I need to create interesting image files in a simple and fastest way to present my product and for marketing purpose.
  2. I have no idea whether my single part design is strong enough to support the given load?How can I obtain the factor of safety (FOS)?
  3. I wish to check whether I have over design my parts? Any method to help me reduce the cost of material while maintain the feasibility of my design.
  4. My job is to design electronic enclosure, which feature can help me a lot?
  5. I always receive a lot of imported file from my customer and facing problem to modify them.
  6. I wish to have a good presentation to show the actual mechanism of my machine.
  7. I am a designer of a power plant where I always start my design with P&ID diagram.
  8. My product will encounter repeated loading and unloading, how can I know how to estimate the life cycle of my product?
  9. What is the fastes method I can use to produce a combination of structural members with different profile?
  10. How can I save my time from building all the standard fasteners and insert them to my assembly one by one?
  11. Can I figure out the assembly stack-up effect due to the individual dimensions and tolerances given to each part?
  12. I have a master design part and its drawing file. I wish to auto generate new version of my design base on the master model with different sizes.

a. Any feature to assist me in calculate the impact to my product when falling down from certain elevation?
b. I have to add lighting from different direction and control the brightness given by those lighting to make my rendered image more attractive.
c. Can I produce machining drawing follow the manufacturing approach by define my own datum as reference?
d. I am dealing with customer who are using autoCAD, sometimes I may receive autoCAD files, need to modify them and send back to my customer. Which software to use?
e. I have been spend a lot of time just to compare the difference between 2 version of file either 3D model or drawing
f. Any tool can help me to create technical document for my machine in a faster way?
g. I wish my product can be more enviromental friendly so that it is more competitive in the market.
h. Any feature in SolidWorks can help me to design product with curvature geometry?
i. My goal is to determine how many fan should I include in order to maintain the temperature of power supply not over 95 deg.
j. How can I make use of offpeak hours to perform job such as file printing, file conversion and create drawing?
k. I am a designer who lack of machining experience, any feature can help me to design by considering the manufacturability?
l. I wish to calculate the stress distribution of a plastic part and also its behaviour under large deformation.