We know that SolidWorks has simulation package in it, we know that SolidWorks was famous because of its ease of use, we know that SolidWorks has a short learning curve to master it, that’s why engineers knew that they have to vote for the best 3D CAD software and they made it! The winner goes to (of course) SOLIDWORKS!

Be proud to be part of the community who is using the award winning 3D CAD software, SolidWorks. I’m proud of it; hope you proud of it as well.

“This award speaks volumes to the value our users see with our built-in simulation tools and further enforces our position as developers of more than just CAD, but end-to-end engineering tools,” said Fielder Hiss, SolidWorks director of product management.

Thanks for all of your support (& mine)!

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