Since 2009, SolidWorks Toolbox has changed a new user interface which is much more user friendly. Here i would like to share some steps on how to configure your own toolbox by using the globe valve model:

1. Add-in SW Toolbox & SW Toolbox Browser. Click on the Toolbox under Design Library. Select Ansi Metric > Washers > Plain Washers > Narrow Flat Washer Ansi B18.22 M. Right click and configure. A toolbox configure interface will appear. Click on the 1st step- “1. Select your hardware”.

2. Click on the 2nd tab- Customized hardware Navigate to the Narrow Flat Washer Ansi B18.22 M. Click on the Custom Properties icon. Property Name= Material; Type= List; Link to SW Material. Under material column, browse in Plain Carbon Steel, Brass & Nylon. Under the value, key in Steel, Brass & Nylon. Click OK and tick the check box for material. Save the changes and close up the window.

3. From toolbox browser, drag in the Plain washer. Use the auto mate function to locate the washer. From the context bar, define M10 as the size. From the property manager, define brass as the material. Click OK.

4. To Have Your Own Standard Toolbox! You can’t directly modify the existing toolbox in SolidWorks, what you need to do is to copy another set from the existing standard and modify the copy base own your own requirement. To access the Toolbox configure window again, user can go to Toolbox> Configure…
Under 1st page (Select Hardware), select Ansi Metric from Toolbox Standard, click on ‘Copy Standard” icon. Enter my standard (as example) as the name of the new standard.

5. Under 2nd page (Customize Hardware), click on my standard > Bolts & Screws> Socket Head Screws > Socket Head Cap Screw Ansi B18.3.1M. Click on “Size” under standard properties. User will able to modify the existing fastener size. To add a new set of fastener size, click on the “add new row” button.

6. Drag in Socket Head Cap Screw ANSI B 18.3.1M from ANSI Metric > Bolts and Screws > Socket Head Screws. Insert into the hole with washer. From the context bar, size=M10; from property manager, Thread Display= Schematic. Make use of the arrow to modify the length of the screw (30mm)

7. Use Feature Driven Pattern to insert the washers and screws to the other 3 holes.** Feature Driven Pattern is able to support Hole Wizard Feature as well.

8. Dynamically change the length of the fasteners. (User no longer needs to edit toolbox definition in order to change fastener length.)