Now let’s continue with part 2 

Once you use the edit component, basically you can reuse the entire feature in SOLIDWORKS part. It depend on user design intention, if you heavily dependent on the assembly position and structure design, then this might work to solve your problem, without switching the window between the part and assembly.

Meanwhile, if you did not use the edit component in assembly, you are only allowed to perform cut feature in assembly. The feature will only create base on assembly position, it will not create changes on the individual part file.


External reference in assembly can confusing sometimes

It is easy to use the existing reference to do the model design, but there are few sections you may need to put more attention on.

If you enable the external references, you can use existing model to do part modelling, but it will restrict your freedom to edit the model using the dimension. You need to decide whether to use the external reference for your part modelling in assembly feature.

The external references only can be used in edit component mode, for part modelling in assembly.

Secondly, you may spend more time to rotate and move the component when you try to add on more detail for the internal design of the model.

Lastly, sometimes you may get confused with what you are doing the feature in part or assembly file in SOLIDWORKS.

Unless you are high experience in doing part and assembly modelling, else you may spend more time shifting the component instead of doing the part modelling design.

Recreate a new component using the external references.

In the individual part file, as you can see the arrow appear in your feature, which indicates the where file is create in assembly, using external references in assembly.

By using the external references, the relation of the entities automatically applied in your sketch.

Now we repeat the same step, but we disable the external references.

The line will remain in blue, and no relation has been applied. Meaning the entities is no longer using the assembly geometry as references.

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