Still doing the detail drawing using the conventional way? Having issue to imagine the actual component from detail drawing? Facing issue of comparing the new revision changes with older drawing during checking? Your boss complaining your drawing too complicated to understand?Here is why, SOLIDWORKS MBD is here today to solve your problems. SOLIDWORKS MBD is not a new software that came out yesterday, it been release few years back, however most of the user has no clue about it.SOLIDWORKS MBD, is known as model-based definition. Let me simplify it, MBD allow you to create detail or production in 3D perspective. Furthermore, users able to export the drawing in 3D pdf, easier for the supplier and other viewer to understand your drawing, easier for them to visualize the components design. 

The selection below the SOLIDWORKS design tress, allow you to capture any 3D view that you desire.

User are allowed to created 3D dimension base on which reference plane that they want.

User are also easily import the mass properties information for the component, directly in the graphic area.

Instead of showing the component and features in design manager tress, MBD add on, showing dimension properties, and captured 3D view in the design tree.

The 3D pdf with MBD export, allow user easily access to the model information, based on the desire perspective, easier for them to imagine the shape of the end product in free view style or isometric view.

SOLIDWORKS MBD also supported in assembly mode.

In 3D Pdf as well.

You do not have to be a technical expert background to use MBD, as long you attended the complete training, even fresh graduate drafter can easily pick up functionality of SOLIDWORKS MBD.MBD allow you to assign any dimension in three main view, top, front and right. It also allows you to assign dimension at the custom plane. Instead of doing dimension detail in 2D drawing, MBD able to create the dimension directly on your 3d design. Base on the vertex and reference points, you can easily capture the dimension like the usual way you did in conventional way. If you worry about too many dimensions to assign manually on the model, you can always use Dimxpert to auto dimension on your 3D model.What is Dimxpert? you can call it as dimension expert in SOLIDWORKS. Dimxpert is a tool which generate the dimension automatically on the existing model with fastest time. Even you can pre-set the setting, so that the dimxpert can include the geometry tolerance symbol with your dimension. If you using hole wizard to create holes in your model, the dimxpert will also show the detail of the hole wizard.

By defining 3 main planes, Dimxpert will automatically create the dimension for you.

Selection below allow you to select which features to be show using the Dimxpert.

Dimension created at 3D model directly using Dimxpert.

Dimxpert even can perform hole callout and include the datum information, directly using the centre point as reference, which ease the fabricator to produce the end product

In SOLIDWORKS drawing, you may directly import the Dimxpert dimension, to save time creating the dimension detail. 

Import Dimxpert dimension into the 2D drawing.

DImxpert also allow you to include tolerance geometry for specific dimension.

If you are interested to Dimxpert and MBD add on in SOLIDWORKS?
You are always welcome to contact us, IME Technology Sdn Bhd for the hands on test drive session.