SOLIDWORKS MBD which stands for Model Based Definition is a great solution that permits designers and manufacturers to generate and communicate the critical design information through the model.

Via SOLIDWORKS MBD you are able to create and share 3D PDF’s of your SOLIDWORKS designs securely, knowing that your Intellectual property is protected.

When sharing designs with others, the most we concern on is the protection of intellectual properties. The number one priority that SOLIDWORKS MBD cares about is when we are allowed to have better control over the access of information in the documents in when generating the 3D PDF via SOLIDWORKS MBD.

This has been made easy by the newly added option “show only graphical data” when generating 3D PDF output. By having this option turned on, the receiver is able to view and cross-examine the model, without the PDF including the full BREP geometry embedded in the background, which could be used to manufacture the design.

Another one is the security settings that offer even eased your tasks, allowing the access setting for printing, editing, and copying.  Password is needed to open the 3D PDF when your documents are protected. Master password is also available and optionally can be used to overrule all security settings if necessary.

While publishing to 3D PDF, you may find a “Security Settings” button near the top of the PropertyManager, next to the “Browse” button. Identify options in the dialog box, and then click OK.

There are some restrictions you may check/tick up to your preferences.

  • Disable printing the 3D PDF
  • Disable editing the 3D PDF
  • Disable copying the 3D PDF

It can be one or more options to restrict access to or distribution of data in the 3D PDF files.

There is also a password protection that can be added to cover all the security needed. Just tick the box for “Password to open 3D PDF” and enter the desired password. Passwords are case sensitive. You will see a warning Lost or forgotten passwords cannot be recovered from the document. If you lose the password or you would like to change the password, you will need to create new PDF.

The password set-up done. Once the protected PDF document has been generated, the password is required in order for the file to be opened. Sharing your 3D PDFs of your SOLIDWORKS designs is now safe and secured!